Late October VA Produce

Fall is REALLY here. It had been in the 70’s and 80’s here recently, but when I woke up this morning it was 54 degrees with a strong wind blowing leaves off the trees. Fall has also clearly reached the farm.

I’m glad this CSA box didn’t load me up with squash like last time because we still haven’t finished it all! But I am more than happy to be loaded up on sweet potatoes again because we’re fresh out of those! Fall naturally creates produce that is “warming” and full of antioxidants to help prepare us for colder weather. For the second half of October I got…

Macintosh apples! These are from THE SAME ORCHARD that we drove 3 hours to visit over the weekend…talk about a weird coincidence…

Green beans:

Butternut squash:

Russet potatoes and sweet potatoes (forgot to take a picture of the sweets *gasp*):

Green tomatoes (oh I know exactly what I’m doing with these babies):

Curly kale:

Elephant garlic:

Red and green bell peppers:

Butter beans (never made these):

…and our usual dozen free range eggs:

And that’s October!

So when you see these fruits and veggies in a grocery store near you, it’s at the peak of its season! I never even realized that garlic had a season, but apparently it does and apparently its season is the colder months. Too bad because I rely on it pretty much every day of the year. 😛

Now that I have more apples to add to my already HUGE stockpile from the orchard, I really need to start finding ways to use them up faster. I have one special way in particular that I’m looking forward to showing you tomorrow. It involves puff pastry. Nuff said.

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2 responses to “Late October VA Produce

  1. True story: I buy 2 heads of garlic every time I go to the store. We’re scared of vampires over here apparently. Anyways, I didn’t know it had a season either! Bell peppers always striked me as a summer food.


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