About Me

Welcome! My name is Lauren and I’m a young married woman trying to juggle full-time law school and other things in life, and by other things I pretty much mean FOOD.

I was born in California and raised in Georgia, so I love making food that is inspired by Southern cuisine. I try my best not to mess with ingredients that were made in a lab or factory instead of in the earth. I believe that food is intended to heal, fuel, excite, sustain, comfort and thrill us!

But I also believe that eating healthy foods should NEVER feel like deprivation.

My husband Jason and I live in Williamsburg, Virginia (nicknamed “the ‘Burg”) where our law school is. Ironically, I used to vacation with my family in Williamsburg when I was a kid and used to look forward to going all year long. Now I live here! We both love the ‘Burg and are enjoying spending our first years as husband and wife here.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog! I hope you like what you find.


15 responses to “About Me

  1. Kati Schweigman

    Hey Knottie! 🙂 I had no clue you made a website! I love it! LOVE all the great recipe ideas! So excited to follow you now.

    Good Luck with everything. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Magalhaes

    As a fellow Knottie who avoids homework all weekend to cook for my husband, I love your blog! I have never had collard greens but your description makes my mouth water. I have only ever used it in my kale soup, but I think I may be trying your recipe! Enjoy the Oscars/homework 🙂

  3. I saw the name of your blog and had to come over and say hi. I love it! Such a cute name – and your wedding photo is gorgeous!

  4. Lauren-
    Lovely site:) Thank you for stopping by me blog– nice to meet you.
    Happy cooking, Nicole.

  5. Kasey

    Wow – I can’t believe I just found this blog! I am also a newlywed and first-year law student – and I almost went to William and Mary! I am always avoiding studying by cooking for my husband and myself (or hosting Easter Dinner for 12 people). I have thought about starting a blog but have no idea how…your blog is amazing! Good luck with Finals!

  6. Hello! Our blogs were both mentioned on saminacooks today, and I couldn’t believe it when I clicked on your link to find that I recognized your photograph! I hope you’re doing well… I’ll have to remember to check out your blog now. Cheers!

    Nina (from Wheaton)

  7. You are too cute! Excited to follow your bog, it’s beautiful!

  8. Tash

    I just found your blog today. I am already addicted. I’ll never get work done now. Great job!!!

  9. haha … just found your blog, and it looks like we have a lot in common! looking forward to checking back here! back to outlining evidence…

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